Professional Portable Appliance Testing



June 2010

NICEIC Registered Company

As from June, 2010 we are pleased to announce that myPATtesting as part of IJG Solutions Limited is now NICEIC registered.

As a registered member of the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting (NICEIC) myPATtesting® (IJG Solutions Ltd) has undergone an internal audit of its systems, insurance, engineer qualifications, working practices and an on-site inspection of previous work.

The NICEIC register provides:

  • Formal recognition of competence to undertake PAT testing services
  • A valuable reference for purchasers of PAT testing services
  • Reassurance that an external audit has been carried out by the Registration Body

Safety and competence

Contractors registered by the NICEIC are assessed on a regular basis to ensure that they are competent and capable of meeting the relevant technical and safety standards, codes of practice and rules of the Schemes they are registered to.  Each Scheme has a defined set of competence criteria that contractors must meet to achieve and maintain registration.

Principal Duty Holder

A Principal Duty Holder is a person appointed by myPATtesting® who is a principal or employee having an understanding of, and day to day responsibility for, the health and safety and other statutory requirements relating to the electrical work undertaken.

Qualified Supervisor

A Qualified Supervisor is a person, proposed by myPATtesting® and subject to acceptance and periodic assessment by the NICEIC.


News September 2009

FREE Site Audit

From the 1st of September, 2009, and until further notice, we are refunding the cost of a site audit for any new customers that have between 150 to 250 appliances, who then subsequently take out an annual inspection contract. For any appliances above 250, there is a small additional charge for each additional block of 250 appliances.

During the audit we will determine the classes of appliances in use, their location and the recommended inspection and test periods based on the Institute of Electrical Engineers (IEE) current code of practice.

Depending on our findings, we will then provide a summary report together with a number of useful recommendations in helping to improve your electrical safety, reducing your electricity costs and thereby your carbon footprint. We will also highlight any areas that are in need of urgent attention.

The audit will also provide a basis for our quotation (valid for 30 days) including a contract option covering a 12 month period. If you decide to take out the contract, any charges relating to the audit will then be refunded, making the audit completely FREE of charge.




News August 2009


Access to our on-line (via internet) database

Our annual contracts now include access to our secure on-line database (24/7) where you can view (via your own secure area) details of all your appliance records, test information, serial numbers and appliance description information. You can also record new appliances which require testing during the next site visit or simply notify us of appliances that have been repaired and will need to be re-tested before being brought back into service.

You can also download compliance certificates (PDF) for the test equipment that was used in testing your appliances.