Professional Portable Appliance Testing

OUR Solutions

At myPATtesting we offer a professional service in enabling you to meet your Health and Safety obligations as set by the Health and Safety Executive. Some of our solutions are either unique or offer additional benefits not found elsewhere.

Our secure internet database, allows you to view (24/7) your asset records of all appliances that have been inspected and/or tested during our site visit. You can also download; a hard copy of the inspection/test results , test equipment compliance certificates, update your records with new appliances or indicate appliances that are currently out of service. We will also e-mail you when the next site visit is due and send reminders if appliances remain out of service.

Site audits can be carried out to determine the types, classes, use and locations of appliances. This is a useful benefit, if you have multiple sites, incomplete records or simply want a TOTAL solution to ensure health and safety compliance.

Above all, we offer a professional and independent service to all our customers!